Since I’m all excited about the BIG PLANS we have, I should probably make a list of some of the things I want to do.

  • Permaculture – Learn more about this and figure out how to apply this philosophy to Jugtown. I want the greenhouses to not need as much heating and cooling as they did when they were commercial greenhouses (seriously the fans and heaters in them are gigantic!). Working with the land is important to me – I don’t want to tame it all, I want to enjoy it and use it for sustenance.
  • Food Preservation – Canning, dehydrating, freezing, all of that. I want to make sure I take advantage of the bounty when it is here. (also includes: soda making, wine making, a ginger bug, sourdough starter).
  • Farming and Food Production – Use the greenhouse to extend the growing seasons. Fruit and Nut trees. More perennials and companion planting. I also want to grow cool tropical things in the greenhouse.
  • Acquiring Materials – Use what is on-hand (we have millions of pallets and cinder blocks!).
  • Art and creativity – I do stained glass, some sewing/embroidery, and crocheting. I want to learn how to weld and make cool sculptures. Other types of things: dyeing with natural materials, basket weaving, woodworking, use of found materials. This blog can also go on this list!
  • Maintenance – I’ve done work on a lot of the farm equipment we have (oil changes, fiddling with the carburetor, blade changes). I want to learn more about this and be able to make repairs myself.
  • Balance – All work and no play is no fun! Jugtown also needs to be a place where E and I can relax and enjoy ourselves. We also want people to want to visit and have fun with us and enjoy Jugtown. We are considering a pool and a hot tub, walling off the third bedroom, making walking paths to get down to the river easily. E and I still have our full time jobs so we need to figure out how to balance all of this.
  • Community – We are slowly meeting people and convincing our friends to visit. We do miss being able to hang out with all our friends all the time in Philly. We are trying to find like-minded people around here.
  • Trial and Error, Observation, and Record Keeping – I want to learn what works by trying things and observing the outcome. So much can be researched on the internet these days, but nothing can for certain tell what will work for your particular area. I’m hoping this blog will help me keep track of things! Things I want to track: temperatures in the greenhouse and trying to stabilize them, wildlife, the fight with the slugs, food production, plant hardiness.