Jugtown is a farm in upstate New York near Oneonta. We aren’t totally sure what our goal is for the farm – we are both very much go with the flow people and will see how things evolve as time goes on.

Previously it was a commercial flower greenhouse and farm stand. Ideally I would like to use as much of what is already here to work toward making the farm more sustainable and require less inputs. I want to work toward a more permaculture focused design while also making this an enjoyable place for E and I to hang out and invite our friends and family!

Reasons we chose this location:

  • Close to a town – we can walk into our little town. There isn’t much there, but it is nice to have sidewalks to walk on. We even have a pool!
  • Not too far from Philly – Jugtown is about 3.5 hours from Philly. Since E and I both work from home this is totally doable.
  • A good amount of land – we have almost 17 acres.
  • Access to water – there is a river on the back of the property and a few marshy/pond areas
  • The house is in good condition – it’s an old farmhouse so needs a little work, but is certainly livable.
  • Bonuses – Five greenhouses, a large fenced in area for the pup, already established asparagus, rhubarb, apple trees, and raspberries, a set up chicken coop, both well and village water, and the ruins of an old creamery on the property.